September 2, 2022: Day 189 – Zechariah 6-10 and Psalm 82

The imagery and the metaphors continues to abound in Zechariah.  There are a few verses of importance that we should highlight.  The first ones we find in chapter 7:8-10 which describes what is true justice.  It is wrapped up in showing mercy and compassion to one another.  That is quite a different take than what today people think is justice.  Justice is showing mercy and compassion.  That's a pretty important angle that is easy to forget in this day and age.

The other is the Scripture that we use habitually for Palm Sunday which is found in 9:9-10 where we see the image of Zion's King riding into Jerusalem on a donkey.  That should sound familiar as our king rode into Jerusalem riding on a donkey to shouts of Hosanna. 

Psalm 82 finds us with the verses where we are equated to gods, and yet we will still find our demise sooner or later.  That may sound somewhat morbid, but the Psalm is actually one that gives thanks to a God who defends the weak and the vulnerable, so that's a good thing.

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