April 30, 2021: Day 55 – II Chronicles 22

Remember when I mentioned that I believe in the inerrant truths of Scripture?  That is far different from believing that every single word is inerrant.  Here we have what we call a text critical issue.  The king Jehoram dies when he is 40 (21:18-20) and his son takes over, according to the text, when the son, Ahaziah, is 42.  How in the world can the son be older than the father?  While the Hebrew may say 42 it is thought that there was a misrepresentation over time and it should be 22.  I do not have an issue with the text not representing accurately for every single line.  Have you seen my typos?

But back to the Scripture.  Jehoram followed the ways of the north as they worshipped false gods, his son does the same.  This ill fated rule which was set up because all of the royal family and specifically the brothers were killed only lasts a single year.  Then something historic happens.  The mother of Ahaziah takes over the throne.  This was unheard of because it is not like what we find in the United Kingdom.  There was no such thing as the queen, it was the male who took over the throne.  Only a male could be crowned king.  But not here since everyone else was killed the mom of Ahaziah, Athaliah, takes over and her first step is to kill the entire royal family.  

But she misses someone.  Joash was hid by his mom and you will see that he ends up taking over as time goes on.  But that is for another chapter.

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  1. Sally Reinhart says:

    I have not mentioned your typos.

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