August 23, 2022: Day 181 – Ezekiel 46-48 and Psalms 67-70

We come to the end of Ezekiel and it continues to describe the measurements of the temple and the city of God.  Notice that every single tribe of Israel is involved either in the naming of the gates or in understanding their portion.  The last line of this book of the Bible simply states that the city will be called “The Lord is there”.  That’s a great way to end a book of the Bible is to affirm the presence of the Lord in that city which was built by the hands of the people of God.

We then have to cover some of the psalms that were considered optional and yet were not yet covered.  Thank you Lois Mellinger for going over every single Psalm that we have read and picking out those that were listed as optional, or not listed at all, and identifying those that we will not be reading during our 9 month Bible reading challenge.  I want to make sure that we read every single word of the Bible and this ensures that we will.

Psalm 67 and 68 gives us Psalms of praise and they both extol the majesty and the power of God.  Psalm 69 is a bit of a psalm of lament where the author asks God to save him and to come and redeem him because: “the waters have come up to my neck.”  I’m guessing we have all felt that way at some time in our lives.  Psalm 70 states very clearly that it is a Psalm of petition where the author is asking God for something which is to be saved.  He also asks for God to be speedy when he comes to save him.

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