October 17, 2020: Day 56 – Ezekiel 4

Once again Ezekiel is provided with an object lesson which he is to perform himself in the sight of all the people.  He is to play with toy soldiers and toy people.  If they had Legos he would have to build Jerusalem with them and put figures that were casting a siege on the city.  Instead, he is to take a brick and pretend the brick is Jerusalem.  He is to lie on his side for the same period of time that Israel was besieged which was 390 years, but he was to do one day per each year.  Then he was to do the same thing for Judah and Jerusalem which was only 40 days which equated to 40 years.  

God was going to tie him up in cords until his time was finished.  He was to eat a select menu of bread which was to be cooked over human excrement.  Wait, what?  Yes, Ezekiel does actually object to this because God had commanded him not to allow anything unclean to enter his mouth, and this would disqualify him from that commandment.  God sees his side of the argument and so moves to allow him to cook the bread on cow poop instead.  Whew, that was close.  Wait, cow poop?  We move on.

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