July 10, 2019: Day 74 – Judges 16

So a lot of poets and song writers have captured the troubled love affair of Samson and Delilah but none so convincingly as the Grateful Dead.  It is interesting how Samson tends to get himself into trouble over and over again, kind of like the people of Israel, with women who don’t really support him or are very loyal to him.  Delilah was offered silver in order to betray her husband.  She took the deal.

Oh, here is another song that includes these two heroes, well, at least one is a hero and the other is a villain.

I often put myself in the shoes of Samson and I wonder at what point do I figure out what my wife is doing in order to put my life in danger.  Three times it is obvious that she has done something that was told to her by Samson in order to put his life in danger.  But he still not only stays with her, but tells her a fourth time.  The Scripture implies in vs.16 that it was really Delilah’s fault that Samson gave in, but come on, he should have known by now that things were not going the way that he had hoped with this new wife.

Once he is captured and his eyes are poked out, then Delilah disappears.  He destroys the Philistine chiefs and his family takes him up and buries him and as an afterthought we read that he had judged Israel for 20 years.  I wonder how many of those years were behind Philistine hands as a blind man.

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