May 11, 2018: Day 27 – Exodus 27

We have more details about the tabernacle, and they continue to be impressive.  But notice how this chapter ends.  We find ourselves with the name of Aaron being mentioned who was given the responsibilities of the priesthood, so this whole tabernacle thing was right in his wheelhouse.  The lamp that is lit for the tabernacle is mentioned and we hear that it should always be lit.  They are to use olive oil to keep it lit, pure, extra extra virgin olive oil.  

There are some traditions where you see a lamp lit to signify the presence of the Lord.  I think of the Roman Catholic tradition where you have the lamp lit to signify that the host is present.  The light signifying the presence of the Lord for the Israelites is not unusual.  We saw that in the night as they made their way out of Egypt the Lord lead them in a pillar of fire.  This lamp which had to be tended day and night served as a reminder that the Lord was present in the tabernacle in the same time frame: day and night.

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