May 15, 2017: Day 135 – Psalm 135

Well, we sure are in a good mood aren’t we?  It seems like the psalmist just met the Lord face to face and wants to write about it.  What I’m about to say next is not even close to what the psalmist is feeling, but I’m feeling pretty good myself today.  Here I am sitting in the Admiral’s Club in Houston.  A long time ago I signed up for a credit card from American Airlines and part of the deal was a free ticket and two passes to the Admiral’s Club.  It is amazing.  Free food, wifi, drinks, lounge, TV, all of it as I get ready for my final leg into San Antonio.  It wouldn’t be right for me to repeat vss.19-21, but there is a part of me that wants to say: Bless the Lord!

What is probably happening with David in this Psalm is that he is reflecting over his life and how God has blessed him.  He sees his son Solomon growing up and being all that he would have wanted to be.  From Jacob, his ancestor, God has raised one that would build the house of the Lord where all nations could come to worship him.  It is in my mind a looking back on all that God has done and the natural, mandatory response is: Bless the Lord!

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