November 12, 2020: Day 82 – Ezekiel 30

We spent some time in Egypt and were able to take a boat trip on the Nile.  It was somewhat surreal to be able to be on a river that is so important in the Bible.  It was overwhelming to realize that on this body of moving water Moses was scooped up and brought into Pharaoh's house.  The Nile plays a primary role in these prophecies of Ezekiel.  In the previous chapter we read that the fish of the Nile will be thrown to dry ground as an example of the nation of Egypt being brought up like a fish and thrown onto dry land so that the birds of prey and the animals of the land can feast on it.

Here that theme is expanded to not only Egypt who is destroyed, but also all those who supported her from Ethiopia to all of Arabia, those who allied with Egypt will fall just as hard as her.  The imagery then transitions to later in the chapter to a man who has a broken arm who has not been given a sling and whose arm will not heal as a result.  This man will not be able to wield a sword in order to defend himself against the advancing armies of Babylon.  In fact, we read that both of his arms will be broken, rendering him completely defenseless.  It reminds me a bit of the Black Night in Monty Python.  The one who loses all of his limbs and then simply calls it a flesh wound.  I would put the link up, but there are a couples instances of language that is not appropriate to put on a post put out by a pastor.  Feel free to look it up.

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