September 20, 2019: Day 6 – I Samuel 6

The glory of the Lord returns back to the people of  God.  We find in this chapter that the Philistines had the ark of the covenant for seven months and wanted nothing to do with it.  So they consulted with their religious people and they told the leaders that they should send it back from whence it came with an offering to basically say that we are sorry for taking it from you. Notice that the pain of the lost battles and the lost men in battle had not dissipated but remained with the people.  Reclaiming the ark was important and it was a reminder to the people around the Israelites that you may defeat the people in battle, but you cannot defeat the God who is behind them and supports them.  You then have this puzzling presence of Jeconiah who wasn't at all interest in the celebrations that were taking place and killed the folks who were happy about the ark.  We don't hear about him again.  
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