March 26, 2017: Day 85 – Psalm 85

Will you just read vs.10 and tell me what you think.  I love to think of the marriage of righteousness and peace.  So think about it.  You can have peace in a nation but if the ruler is a despot and a dictator then it would probably mean that righteousness is not a part of the picture.  Conversely, you may have the most righteous ruler who is a lover of all humankind, but if there is not peace in the land, then you will have war.  But, when peace and righteousness kiss, you get both and the ideal rule takes place.   Don't get me wrong, we do not live in a theocracy, but I'm not sure if I wouldn't want to.  What I mean is that I think I might want to live in a Christian theocracy.  Israel was a theocracy which meant that the king also built the temple and encouraged the people to worship.  I think people in our nation want to live in a theocracy, as long as the theo (god) who is worshipped is the Christian God.  Our nation was founded upon the freedom of religion.  This does not mean a Christian majority, it means that you are free in this country to serve and worship the god that you want to.   IF you are someone who complains that there isn't prayer in school, or that as Christians we are persecuted in this country, then I would invite you to rethink the way this country was founded.  It was not founded for Christians, it was founded for refugees who would be able to worship the god that they wanted how they wanted.  I love our country because of this history, but I wonder what people expect when I hear folks complain that Christians are no longer the favored ones.  We were never meant to be.  
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  1. Kathy Eisenhauer says:

    I never thought of it that way before, but you make sense. Because we live in Christian communities it is easy for us to think that Christians get top billing and thus the country “obviously” was founded for us, but you are correct in your statements about why it was originally founded. I would say that at this point in time the best we can do is pray, evangelize, live in Christian ways and have hope that the Christian way wins out over all the other ways people worship since we know our God is the one true God.

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