February 22, 2020: Day 21 – Numbers 21

Israel is making its way through the wilderness in a roundabout kind of way and destruction is left in its wake.  The path that they are taking is a result of Edom refusing to let them pass.  So they try a different way.  While they make their way across the wilderness they come to the borders of other tribes and we find that they refuse to let them pass, but they just overcome them and lay waste to their territories and to their people.  

In the midst of the battles we find a couple of poetical intrusions.  Not sure why I call them intrusions, because they do seem to come from a place that is not unusual.  For example when the Egyptians were defeated Hannah sang a song and that was included.  It is not unusual for the Israelites to break out in song after a significant victory.  As a result we find two songs in this chapter.  There were a few significant victories in this chapter.  

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