April 30, 2019: Day 3 – Deuteronomy 3

You can't really understand what is happening here in Deuteronomy without at least a map to track all the people that the Israelites slaughtered.  Remember, that when it speaks about Mount  Hermon it is located in the northernmost portion of the map, so right up above to where the kingdom of Bashan is located.  I hope that as you read these accounts you are able to track and trace where the  Israelites under Moses are going.  Notice that Moses went as far as the Jabbok River, or the Jabbok crossing and from there had to stop for the Lord promised that Joshua would enter no matter how much Moses beseeched the Lord to be able to cross over, he did not allow him.  That Jabbok river crossing we went to and we find that it is the actual border between Jordan and Israel.  This year, unlike past years, the Jordan was flooded and was quite wide at that point, where in past years it would take not much to cross, just a few strides.   I love the detail of the iron bed of King Og which must have been quite a site.  The bed according to the measurements given was 13 feet long and close to 6 feet wide.  Now that is quite a bed!
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