September 24, 2018: Day 44 – Proverbs 2

Once again wisdom is lifted up as that after which we ought to strive.  We are told that we should seek after it as if it were more precious than gold or silver.  But even if we do seek it in vs.6 and 7 it is made perfectly clear to us that it is: "The Lord gives wisdom...he stores up sound wisdom for the upright."  When we receive wisdom then we will understand righteousness and justice. I find it fascinating that the author uses the example of a loose woman in vs. 16, while the Hebrew states that it could also mean a strange woman.  This would carry no sexual implications like the term "loose" might.  Not sure why that term was chosen instead of strange.   The final prize and result of walking in the way of wisdom is that you will never be cut off from the land.  This is absolutely crucial to the Israelites.  Even to this day being cut off from the land that is a part of a post WWII agreement would bring about much conflict.  Whenever I go to Israel it always strikes me of how young of a modern nation it actually is.  This threat of being cut off from the land remains very real.  It is one that has lasted for generations both in seasons of being in the land and in seasons of being away from the land.
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