October 31, 2019: Day 47 – II Samuel 16

Absalom,  David's son, comes and takes over Jerusalem while David is fleeing Jerusalem and mocked by a someone who was allied with Saul.  While David is being cursed by this man as he makes his way toward the Jordan, Absalom takes over the the throne.  But Absalom not only takes over the throne but also takes over the counsel of David as well.  The head counselor, Ahithophel, swears his allegiance to Absalom and the new king asks for wisdom.  So, now what should I do.

Do you notice the first piece of advice that the head counselor gives the new king?  Go in and have your way with the 10 concubines that David left behind. This way the people of Israel will really know that you are in charge.  It is very interesting advice from a man of God.  In fact, we read later on that this voice, the voice of Ahithophel who just gave this tawdry advice, was seen as the voice of God.  Absalom follows his advice to a tea. 

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