October 26, 2018: Day 76 – Ecclesiastes 3

So, this is from where the words of this song came.  It is a pretty well known song and one that I have always enjoyed, and it comes straight out of Ecclesiastes in this third chapter.   There is more to this chapter than just a song by the Byrds.  There is also the very well known statement that it is from dust that we come and from dust we shall return, vs.20.  This is a direct reference to how we were made in the very hands of God as we find in Genesis 2:7-9.  We also find in this chapter a statement by the author as he focuses on the uncertainty of the future so one might as well: "eat and drink and take pleasure in all their toil." vs.13.  This chapter does focus on the here and now.  His statement that all is vanity is focused upon his view that what happens after this life is uncertain, so make sure that you take all you can from this life in regards to how you live it. There is some truth in that, but there is also  a greater truth that we believe  in an eternal life which comes to us as result of a relationship with Jesus Christ that encourages us to live a certain way which is not to focus on our own hedonism, but rather the need that our neighbor might have.  
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