October 20, 2017: Day 61 – Revelation 6

So it is chapters like these in Revelation that make people afraid to read Revelation.  Do me a favor and read Joel 2 and you will see a marked similarity.  So we are all looking forward to heaven, right?  Absolutely right.  We are all looking forward to hearing our Savior embrace us while saying in our ear: "Well done good and faithful servant."  So in essence we are saying that we are all looking forward to judgment day because we assume that we know on what side we will be.  We need to be absolutely convinced of this, and we should be.  We need to know that we are saved and so will be counted in that number.  It is not unusual to hear a member of the church say: I just am not sure if I am saved or not.  You are saved if you have a personal relationship with Jesus. But these Scripture depict a judgment day that is not pearly gates and angels on clouds playing harps.  It speaks about a green horse named death.  Joel does the same and he points out the fact that some of us are looking forward to judgment day but really the picture of that day is incredibly tragic.  We also see that judgment day is not going to be what we expected.  There will be a separation of sheep and goats and how a goat is chosen is very different from what we might expect.  So where does that leave us?  Revelation 6 portrays a picture of judgment day that parallels Joel 2 and gives us a picture of a judgment day that does not focus on our journey to heaven, but rather the tragedy of those who do not know the Lord.
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