May 27, 2018: Day 43 – Leviticus 3

The best part of any meat is when the meat has a bit of fat either on the side or mixed in there.  There is a taste that for those who really love meat, is second to none.  Then there are others who want nothing to do with fat and will cut it out and make sure that they don't have any of it.  In this Scripture we see that the fat is for the Lord, again the assumption is that this is the choicest of all the parts of the meat.  You offer to the Lord only that which is the best. Do you notice how the blood is freely distributed around the tabernacle.  This is a theme in salvation that the blood of the lamb had to be shed.  When we talk about the death of Jesus there is a reason why he died on the cross and not just of natural causes from a heart attack or a stroke.  His blood had to be shed in order for our sins to be washed clean.  Not everyone is comfortable with that imagery.  The violence seen in the death of our Savior is undeniable, as is the violence in the sacrificing of these animals.  The common ground is that in the shedding of this blood our sins are washed clean.  Without the shedding of the blood, no sins would be expunged.  I'm not making this up, look at Hebrews 9:22.  "Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins."
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