May 24, 2018: Day 40 – Exodus 40

All the planning and the preparations are done so that the Lord is able to move into His new digs.  It is very interesting that all of these chapters before this one was dedicated to the preparations that were needed in order to put everything in place, and now that it is in place, the people need to get in place as well.  Aaron, who is the designated high priest and his family the priestly family, is to be prepared just as the individual construction details had to be followed.  Yes, it is important to get the details right in the objects, but equally important to get the details right in the people.  Moses did this, and now it is time to experience the full presence of the Lord. Notice, that the Lord continue to reveal himself by both cloud and fire.  That did not change, but the whole tabernacle thing was unique and different, and really something that was done so that the people would have more clarity on who the Lord was.  We are done with Exodus and the book which dedicates itself to the escape from Egypt and some of the history that is involved in what happens immediately post-Egypt.  Now we move on to Leviticus, which seems to be much of the same, but very different as well.  Let's move to there now.
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