May 13, 2021: Day 68 – II Chronicles 35

We come upon the death of Josiah who was one of the most faithful kings of Judah of all time.  But, keep in mind his age.  He began reigning in Jerusalem when he was only 8 years old.  When he was 26 he began the reformations and he continued with them throughout his time.  Not only were reformations done in Jerusalem, but he also required that the people keep the passover.

It is an interesting way in which Josiah dies.  He goes to battle against the King of Egypt.  Notice that the king of Egypt says that he was sent into battle by God, and that he was not going against Judah.  He told Josiah to keep out of the battle because they had nothing against Judah.  But Josiah went into battle and as a result was killed.  Jeremiah is mentioned as the prophet who was around at that time and offered up a lament for Josiah. 

We once again find ourselves in a place where God raises up a righteous ruler but then once he dies there is a strong possibility that the next ruler is not going to be someone that follows God's commands and will bring back the idols that were not of benefit to Judah.  Let's see what happens, but I'm guessing the cycle continues.

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