March 8, 2020: Day 36 – Numbers 36

We find ourselves in the story of a girldad in the Old Testament, Zelophehad.  Remember him from chapter 27?  Well, back in that chapter we saw that Moses really protected his daughters and ensured that they would never end up without land if their husbands died.  But now that decision created another problem.  If they married outside of their family and outside of their tribe then that land would be lost to that tribe forever.  So..., Moses requires that these daughters, and all daughters, must marry within their father's family in order to keep the land within the tribe.  So, it means that the daughters don't lose land when they marry, but they must marry within their father's tribe.  

The book of Numbers ends with the final declaration that what was written previously were the commandments and the ordinances that God passed down to Moses before they entered the promised land.  That means that once they enter the promised land they would be ready.  On to the next book of the Bible in this challenge: I Kings.

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