March 12, 2020: Day 40 – I Kings 4

I find myself about a week behind schedule which is what it took to start getting to a place where this blog took a bit of a back seat to continued administrative work in getting people set up to worship and work virtually.  We are not by any means caught up, but we are at a place where I realize I have to jump back into the blog before the days pass before us and then I have more to make up than I can manage in a sitting or two.

So, here we find ourselves at the beginning of I Kings and we see ourselves dealing with Solomon who was just given in the previous chapter the wisdom which he had asked for and was able to use it right away over a maternity issue.  This chapter emphasizes the blessings that Solomon has received over the period of the beginning of his reign.  It is really meant to bring us up to speed on the breadth and width of Solomon's rule and the amount of resources that he had.  Vs. 20 really reflects where we find ourselves in this chapter and in the life of Solomon.  

In some ways it shows the exact opposite of where we find ourselves now here in our reality where things are being incredibly restricted.  

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