March 11, 2020: Day 39 – I Kings 3

We find ourselves in Bible stories that never die and wisdom that is emulated throughout the ages.  Solomon is seen as a faithful follower of the Lord and one who consistently gave sacrificial offerings to the Lord.  At one of these times God came to him and asked him: What do you want?  I will give you what you want.  Put yourself in Solomon's position.  You could ask for a long life, you could ask for riches, you could ask that your enemies be put to death.  What would you ask?  We know this story and we know what Solomon asks, look at vs. 9: "Give your servant an understanding mind to govern your people."  I just want to be wise enough to carry out the responsibilities that have been placed upon me as king of Israel.

Needless to say God was impressed.  In fact, God was so impressed that not only did he give Solomon the wisdom and understanding that he asked for but also: "I give you also what you have not asked, both riches and honor all your life."  We find this in vs.13 and we see that Solomon begins his time as the leader of Israel well equipped with what he needs.

Immediately after he receives the wisdom, and the promise of riches, we find the classic story of the women and the baby.  What an incredible story where of course the mom would be willing to give up her baby but keep his life even if she did not raise him.  The wisdom that was enacted in this decision making allowed Solomon's reputation to spread throughout the land.

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