Lay Leadership:  Elders    Deacons    Trustees


The Board of Elders: Shepherds of the Flock

     Session meets Third Wednesday at 7:00 pmModerator Rev. Robert Bronkema

Clerk of Session Peter Witmer

Christian Education Carolyn Groff-Chair , Sandy Lowe

Mission & Finance Tim Ott-Chair

Outreach & Evangelism/Fellowship Karen Bachman-Chair, Ron McVey

Personnel Pete  Coste-Chair

Worship Linda Younger-Chair, Gary Hambleton

The Session is the up to 12-member governing board of our congregation.  Elders, men and women elected by and from the congregation for 3-year terms, constitute the Session which is moderated by our pastor and is responsible for leading us to be effective servants of the Lord’s purposes in the world. This term two elders serve on the Outreach & Evangelism/Fellowship, Christian Education, and Worship Committees.  One Elder each leads the Mission & Finance and Personnel Committees. 

The Board of Deacons: A Helping Hand
Deacons Meet First Monday at 7:00 pmModerator -  Bill Rouse
Treasurer - Lillian Myers
John Fitzgibbon, Janet Fitzgibbon, Wendy Hess, Marcia Anderson, Nancy Cummings, Tina Dansereau, Heidi Zook-Payne, Morgan Murphy, and Donna Stettler
The Office of Deacon is one of sympathy, witness and service after the example of Jesus Christ. The Board of Deacons is elected by the congregation of First Presbyterian Church of Strasburg for 3-year terms and has a primary responsibility to provide pastoral care within the congregation. The Board elects its own officers.
Deacons provide congregational care by serving as the on-call Deacon of the Month, by visiting shut-ins, and by making phone calls and sending greetings to stay in touch with those in the congregation who need care or remembrance. They provide meals when needed, place roses celebrating newborns in the sanctuary, deliver the sanctuary flowers to shut-ins, prepare our Communion elements and assist with in-home Communion, sponsor an annual blood drive, maintain the church food cupboard and deliver the items collected to food banks, make available daily devotional material, and honor high school graduates with a reception.

The Board of Trustees: Caring for God's House

Trustees meet Second Wednesday at 7:00 pm
President - Dave Rineer
Vice President - Leo Petrokonis

Secretary - Mark Feiler

Treasurer - Todd Allison


Grounds - Dave Rineer, Ryan Bresset, Andrew Nadu, Bill Pyne

Church Buildings - Todd Allison, Kirk Shaub, Leo Petrokonis, Evans Elias

Church  Properties - Kathy Barge, Mark Feiler, Will Keays, Jeff Stoltzfus


The Board of Trustees of First Presbyterian Church of Strasburg is composed of men and women with various talents who have been elected to serve 3-year terms. Ages of committee members are not important. We are all serving the Lord by caring for the church’s properties. Our meetings are monthly; however, many other hours are spent maintaining the grounds and facilities. Members share their talents by performing tasks that care for the church inside and out. The congregation has an opportunity to share in the work of the committee when we have the annual spring beautification of the church grounds.


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