old-photo The Shack

Our church has been involved with “The Shack” regularly for over 14 years.  For those who want to know more about “The Shack” here is their website: http://www.the-shack.org/.  “The Shack” ministry started in 1928 to help the mostly coal miner population outside Morgantown, West Virginia.  It is a community center that has many functions serving the community and in the summer serves as a day camp for children.  Over the years that I have been attending what has impressed me was watching the children being served through the ministry grow up and become volunteers helping serve the younger children. Our church volunteers at “The Shack” by doing community projects that can include anything from yard clean-up, to painting, to repairing anything that need fixed which can include roofs, plumbing, electrical and other small construction projects.  The last several years our church has served “The Shack” facility by building and repairing whatever needs done on the premises of “The Shack”.  We feel that helping improve “The Shack” facility helps the entire community being served by “The Shack”. Coming down to serve the community and this ministry is an awesome event.  I love going as the FPC family and getting closer to the people attending with me.  We might start the week as strangers who attend the same church and leave close friends who has witnessed God’s work in action. This year, the trip to The Shack will be June 22 - 29.  Talk to Steve Echternach for details.  Some photos of the 2012 trip, courtesy of Leo Petrokonis, are shown below.


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