The Lord’s Prayer For First Presbyterian Church

Daddy, you are in heaven, let my life make your name holy, bring your kingdom here on earth through us, your church family.  Let your will, which is always for our good, be done through us.  As your will is done in heaven, so let us do it on earth.  Give us today what we need for tomorrow.  Forgive us our sins just as we forgive the sins of others, and please don’t make it conditional as to whether or not or if we forgive the sins of others.  We are trying.  Help us to not put you to the test as you always lead us in a direction that is good for our lives and always give us what we need when we are tempted by our own desires.  Snatch us away from the devil who is trying to divide up and separate us so that our desires and our wishes become stronger than our unity and our faithfulness to you and your church.  And then as a footnote, just in case we think we are in power, your kingdom and your power and your glory reign over all eternity.  Remind us that your kingdom and your power and your glory are still and will always be in charge.  Amen.

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