September 9, 2017: Day 21 – Titus 3

Paul’s final message to Titus who is working hard on the field, is to make sure that the community known as the Way, or Christians, be courteous to everyone.  He appeals to them based upon the fact that we also were disobedient in our lives at one time or another.  But even in our disobedience Jesus came and saved us not because we were good, but rather because of the grace which is displayed in the water of our baptism.  Speaking of baptism, it was a great Sunday as we baptized Paisley Mae Colvin and once again remembered that God chose us even before we could choose him.  She was a perfect example of that.  She was not in any way aware of what was happening to her this morning.  She will not remember her baptism.  But that’s the point, isn’t it?  We are reminded of the Providence of God that He chose us before we had the ability to choose Him.

I love vs.14 which reminds us the following: And let people learn to devote themselves to good works in order to meet urgent needs, so that they may not be unproductive.  This is the second time that Paul tells us that we are to be productive.  It is a good reminder for all of us and a good opportunity to recognize that we have a calling that extends beyond what we do on a weekly basis.

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