September 8, 2017: Day 20 – Titus 2

I would like you to read Genesis 2:20-24, Ephesians 5:21, and then reread Titus 2:4-5 and see if you notice anything.  They are all teachings on women in Scripture which have been used to keep women in a specific place.  The term in Genesis that I want you to focus on is “helper”.  Now I want you to read this article that gives all the various times that helper is used and in what perspective it ought to be viewed.   

A Suitable Helper (in Hebrew)

Keep in mind that in Ephesians Paul commands that we be subject to one another.  When you read this term in Titus 2:5 it is used in the same way.  We should include, as he does in Ephesians, just as husbands ought to submit to the wives.  This is crucial that we do not just focus on those verses which might make our point and continue this historical path of keeping women down when there is plenty of Scripture which lifts them up eye level.  

There is a lot more to Titus 2, including a troubling remark for slaves to obey and be submissive.  Paul’s point in these verses is that wherever you find yourself and in whatever state, be the best you can be.  That is absolutely applicable although we scream out at Paul and say: Why didn’t you say anything?  You could have saved generations of slaves from crossing the seas since this verse was used so frequently to justify the slavery that plagued our nation.  We can’t really write it off.

Paul then transitions to speak about the glory that we have coming up in our salvation in Jesus.  Look at vs.11 and let me ask you if it troubles you.  “For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all.”  Some of your translations may read just: “bringing salvation”.  But this is important.  I believe that Jesus came so that all may be saved.  He didn’t just bring a generic salvation, but rather a universal salvation which some receive and some don’t.  We are not back into predestination, but we do know that not all people choose to embrace the salvation which is provided to them by the grace of God.  There are many who choose to ignore and turn a blind eye to Jesus.  He still died for them and provided salvation for them.  They just choose not to accept it.

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