September 7, 2018: Day 27 – Job 27

Once again it seems like Job is speaking the words that his friends might be more comfortable speaking.  There is one friend, Zophar, who only has one speech while all the others have two, so this could be his third, but it is attributed to Job.   Again, just like before, the reason we are saying this is because while Job begins this chapter by stating his innocence (vs.6, "I hold fast my righteousness), vs. 13 begins a series of statements describing how the wicked get their due.  If you look at vs. 21 you see how the author describes a wind that takes the children of the wicked and carries them away.  This should make you think of Job 1:19 where the children of Job were in a tent that succumbed to: "a great wind that came across the desert."  Yeah, pretty much Job is being equated with all the rest of the wicked who have these types of calamities fall upon them.  The righteous never suffer like this. I hope by now you know that this simply is not the way God works.  Yeah, this is probably Zophar.
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