Pastor Bob's eNews - May 29, 2020

Dear FPC family and friends,                                            

           One of the most significant events in Jesus’ life is found in three of the four Gospels (Matthew 4:1-11, Mark 1:12-13, and Luke 4:1-13).  They each tell about Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness.  Keep in mind that the progress of Jesus’ life according to the Gospels is his birth, his time in the temple as an adolescent, his baptism, and then his temptation.  This is all before he calls his disciple, this is all before he performs his first miracle, this is all before he gives his first teachings.  Jesus’ preparation for his ministry was one where he was thrust into the wilderness without food and water.  He was also not alone, he had Satan by his side.

            We find ourselves as a people within a very unique wilderness ourselves right about now.  It is a wilderness that in some ways we have chosen because we recognize that outside of this wilderness there is danger that we cannot control.  We can leave the wilderness if we want, like Christ could leave his.  The temptations that Christ has before him centered around temporal benefits which would increase his immediate earthly satisfaction but would inevitably decrease his quality of life with his Father.  The temptation to have our desires met now is strong in all times in our lives, but especially now when we feel as if those desires have been taken away from us.  We want to reclaim them, we feel like we are due them.  We are entitled them.

            Whenever we have had discussions around worship they are always centered on the tension between the questions: Is worship for our sake, or is worship for God’s sake?  The answer is yes.  But while I have always said that worship is the most important thing that we do as a congregation, I have always recognized that there is a temptation to want to leave worship  asking the question: what did I get out of it?  The more appropriate question is how was God’s name glorified in this worship?  Worship absolutely builds up the body of Christ and it is the cornerstone to a healthy church.  This is true because it does keep the body united, but it is especially true because in worship we are glorifying God first and foremost.

            This enews is going to be going out to every family within the church in hard copy.  When you receive your copy you will also find an accompanying survey and a working document on the protocol of returning to worship in the yellow.  Here is what we need every family to do.  First, we would like for all of you to read the working document on returning to worship in the yellow and be familiar with what worship could look like if we were to return in person while Lancaster County is still in the yellow.  Secondly, we would like for you to complete the survey which speaks directly about worship and where you find yourself on the continuum of wanting to worship in person right away, or wanting to wait.

            You can find the protocol here:

We really need you to read this document first. 

Once you read this document then please go and fill out the survey here:

Please only one per family and please fill out the survey as soon as possible.

            Our session will be meeting on June 10 so we would love to have your responses back to us before then.  If you are returning the paper survey please mail it back to the church at First Presbyterian Church of Strasburg, 101 S. Decatur Street, Strasburg, PA, 17579.  If you fill it out online you do not need to fill it out in paper format.

            We can’t thank you enough for your faithfulness to the church and your willingness to continue to be the church even in the midst of this pandemic.  Keep your focus directed on our Savior and this too shall pass.

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Bob


            CAC – Thanks to your generosity FPC has been able to reach out to 9 individuals and provide $12,500 in grant money.  You have allowed us to walk alongside church family members who find themselves in especially vulnerable situations at this time.  You have embodied what it means to be the body.  Thank you!

            Food Bank:  We continue to reach out into the community on Tuesdays and Fridays from 2-4.  As things begin to open up our list of volunteers is diminishing.  If you are able to help out once a month for these hours contact Pam Johnson at  Also, if you wanted to donate food items to the food bank you will find a list of items on our webpage under “food bank.    Once you purchase them you can drop them off on either Tuesday or Friday at 1:30.  Thank you again for your important work in reaching out to the community in this time of need.

            Pray for the Corey Family:  On Monday Ken Corey passed away in his home.  Please lit up Joy Corey and her family in this time of grief.

            Worship at FPC:  WE HAVE NEWS!!

                        This week we will be having at both the 8:30 and the 11:00 service our traditional and our contemporary music leaders playing before and during the services.  If you log onto our worship at 8:15 you will hear Chris Henkel leading us in hymns, and if you log onto our worship at 10:45 you will hear Tess Feiler leading us in praise songs.  They will also contribute musically during the service as well.  Slowly but surely we are trying to figure this thing out!  You can find this Sunday’s bulletin here:

Calendar of Events:

8:30am                        worship  (beginning at 8:15 with Chris Henkel leading hymns)

phone in: 1 646 558 8656 then key in 9703411314#

10am               Children’s Sunday School Beth Feiler

11am               worship  (beginning at 10:45 with Tess Feiler leading praise songs)

phone in: 1 646 558 8656 then key in 9703411314#

6pm                 youth group


6pm                 Bible Study


8pm                 Young Adults bible Study




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