Pastor Bob's eNews - October 22, 2019


Dear FPC family and friends,

            If there ever were a time that there was an upcoming event at the church that you were not planning on attending and I could convince you to attend simply by saying do this for me, it would be the event we are having, tomorrow, this Wednesday evening.  On October 23 at 6pm Rev. Dr. Marsha Brown Woodard is going to be speaking on “For God so loved the World – Living faithfully in a hate filled world.”  I promise you that if you attend you will learn something about people and your faith that you never thought of before.  I promise you that you will see a perspective that has never crossed your radar before and you will leave from that evening a better disciple of Jesus Christ.  You can even come that evening and say to me: you owe me one, and I will owe you one, whatever that one may be.

            If you are a young couple with children then send one of the two of you and the other can stay home and keep things going.  If you are a single person then cancel whatever you might have planned and come along.  If you are retired we tried to have the event in a way that would accommodate all schedules and all routines.  Can you tell I really want you to come this Wednesday evening?

            So what’s the big deal?  Why are you so excited for us hearing from a perspective that I don’t really think I need to hear and probably will never affect me at all.  There is no denying that we are living in an age that as Jesus describes in Matthew 24:10 as one where: “Many will fall away, and they will betray one another and hate one another.”  In fact, you would do well to read the entire chapter and see what Jesus says about the coming of the end of the age.  We are living in a time where our suspicion and our political affinities dictate how we interact with others.  But it is, and it should always be, our faith which dictates how we interact with each other. 

            Dr. Woodard has the training and the life experiences of providing us with an insight into how to live out our Christina faith in this especially caustic time in the history of our nation.  One of our primary missions as a church is that we would ensure that we are working together “so that we may present everyone mature in Christ.”  (Colossians 1:28)  Her background and her training has provided her with a unique ability to provide congregations and individuals the tools that they need to live faithfully in this hate filled world.  Here is a brief bio of her if you wanted to learn more about her and what she will be offering.

            So…, I look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow, this Wednesday, October 23 at 6pm so that we can grow together in this culture and in this society that is trying to take us away from living faithfully together as we look to love God and our neighbor as we are commanded.

Your servant in Christ,

Pastor Bob




            See you on Wednesday evening, October 23 at 6pm…see above


            Door Protocol:  We are waiting for the installation of an intercom system before we begin the implementation of the door protocol which has been advertised for a few weeks in these enews.  We hope to have it up and running by the first week of November, but if the intercom system isn’t in before then, then once we get it installed it should be up and running shortly after that. 

            Preschool Pasta Fundraiser:  Do you want to get something fun and quirky while helping our Great Beginnings preschool at the same time?  You can go to this link and buy pasta according to what you like, both palatable tastes and fun themes that may interest you.  Go to this  website to find what you may want:

            FPC celebrates 187 years:  Come and join us on Sunday, November 17 as we celebrate the birthday of First Presbyterian and recognize the 50 year members.  We will be having a brunch between services during the Sunday School hour, but starting right after the first service, so around 9:30.  Come and join us and bring a neighbor.

            Trunk or Treat:  This Sunday evening starting at 5pm.  We need more people to sign up to bring their cars decked out with treats.  Join us for that and let children know that they can get free candy and play games in Fellowship Hall.  It is a really important outreach event in which we as a church are involved. 

            Advent Events coming up:  We have activities and events lined up for Advent already.  Take advantage of these opportunities:

                        Devotional booklet for Advent:  Sign up to help put together an Advent Devotional for this year.  Contact Donna Stettler if you would be interested.  It would come out on December 1 and the congregation would use it as a devotional guide throughout this year’s Advent Season.

                        Advent Family Night:  Young or old, single or married, child or adult, happy or sad, come and join us Sunday evening, November 24 at 5pm as we have dinner and make an Advent wreath that you can use in your home.  What a great opportunity to kick off the Advent season.

                        Advent Evening Musical Programs 7pm

December 1 – Then Sings my Soul 

December 8 – Brass Ensemble

December 15 – Chris Henkle and Compnay

December 22 – Advent Open House




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