October 9, 2019: Day 25 – I Samuel 25

We find a very elaborate story which is pretty much set up to give us David's next wife.  We find out in verse 44 that  Saul had given David's wife to a neighbor which meant that  David  was out a wife.  I guess it was the easiest thing to do for Saul especially when he was seeking out David's life to kill him.  But here in this chapter we see him meet Abigail.   Abigail was the wife of a very, very rich man.  This rich man was approached by David's men who asked basically a hand out in return for the protection that they gave his shepherds.  It does remind me of a bit of an extortion.  The guy, Nabal which means fool in Hebrew, was not going to have it and so sent them away empty handed.  The servants of Nabal tell his wife, Abigail, that these soldiers of David had come and Nabal had yelled at them and insulted them.  She panics. Without her husband knowing she loads up her donkeys and goes out to meet David whom she knew must be coming in to destroy Nabal and his family, including her.  David receives her gifts and agrees not to destroy Nabal and his family.  Ten days later Nabal dies of natural causes and David sees it as a sign that the words of Abigail were righteous and wise.  He calls for her to be his wife and she agrees.  This is how David and Abigail get together.  We will see she comes into play later on.
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