October 8, 2019: Day 24 – I Samuel 24

We finally come to the scene that we hope will end this fighting and will end what can only be described as a one sided civil war with the king pursuing David and David not fighting back.  Take note that David was surrounded by people who told him that he should kill Saul who very clearly was his enemy.  But David had too much respect for the office of king in order to do that.  In fact, he even felt guilty for cutting off a piece of the robe and scolded his men for talking him into doing even that.  But would it not be fairly obvious to make the argument that the Lord has placed into your hands your enemy, take him out for it is God's will.  But David fights that impulse. I had forgotten that David approaches  Saul immediately after the king leaves the cave, and in this way was able to show him directly that he had an opportunity to kill him, but chose not to.  In fact, the king says: "Who has ever heard of a person letting his enemy go free without harming them?  You have given me good and I am only seeking your evil.  You are more righteous than I am."  That last part isn't a quote. But I think we come to an end of the animosity and Saul asks David to promise him that he would not bring an end to his family, which was pretty common back then.  When a new king took over who was not in the family of the last king, then that former family tended to be decimated.  It also happens that within the family people are wiped out to pave the way for the new king.  Do you notice that David calls Saul: my father.  David's approach to Saul is a great example of humility embodied.
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