October 4, 2019: Day 20 – I Samuel 20

I was pretty captivated by this story and it is easy to recognize that David and Jonathan have a friendship which is sincere and intense.  Jonathan has no idea that his father is looking to kill David, and David knows that this is the case and breaks the news to Jonathan.  They come up with an elaborate scheme which would protect David perpetually and provide Jonathan with proof that his father is indeed looking to take David out.   They follow through on their plan, Jonathan discovers that indeed his father is looking to kill David and he is able to get David safely away with a weapon to protect himself.  What I want to look at is how Saul tells Jonathan that if David is not killed then Jonathan will never gain the throne, and that is of the utmost importance to Saul is that his son, Jonathan, would gain the throne.  That is not what is most important to Jonathan.  His friendship and his love of David supersedes all of his aspirations.   Think about what you are willing to sacrifice in order to fulfill some preconceived idea of success.  It isn't always finances that drives people, but sometimes it is power or the ability to dictate or to be seen as important.  Whatever it may be look at what it might be which takes priority over relationships in our lives.  God is a God who created us to be in relationship with Him and with each other.  Don't sacrifice that for anything.
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