October 3, 2017: Day 44 – I Peter 5

We find this Scripture also in James 4:10, but Peter gives us a chance to hear about how God will lift us up.   In this Scripture we read in Peter's final exhortation that we need to beware because Satan is like a roaring lion.  We are called to be alert and disciplined and to resist him.  We are assured that even though we may be suffering a little while there will come a time when we will be restored and established once again.  It is a strong encouragement to a people who needed to hear that they would be lifted up in a time of much confusion and persecution. He then ends the letter with greetings including one to the church in Babylon.  What does he mean Babylon?  It is generally thought, and I agree, that he is referring to Rome.  This thought will come in handy in Revelation because we often see a reference to Babylon which we know probably means Rome.  He tells us to greet each other with a kiss.  What a nice thought.  
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3 Responses to October 3, 2017: Day 44 – I Peter 5

  1. Kathy Barge says:

    As my health continues to decline these words are very comforting. I continue to look to the world of medicine for a cure but I have put my life in the hands of God. Thy will be done and I will be ready.

    • kcooper says:

      The strength of the wings of the angels will bear you up as you face these days of trials. You have a whole host of people praying for you.

  2. Sally Reinhart says:

    Love to you Kathy. God is on our side!

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