October 15, 2018: Day 65- Proverbs 23

This is a real beating on those who drink in excess and focuses on alcohol as the source of their enjoyment.  The author draws a straight line between those who drink and those who have woe, sorrow, strife, complaints, are wounded, and have redness of eyes.  He equates alcohol to a snake which at first might be pretty and almost hypnotic, but when you actually get close to it, and try it out, it bites you and leaves you bleeding and about to die.  The author looks at alcohol as an addiction which cannot be broken and which drives the person to ruin. This is not the only place where literature describes alcohol in such a way.  But it is very strongly worded her.  We see this approach especially at the end of this chapter.  In the middle we hear a warning to not be among the "winebibbers".  Now, that is a new word, and one that I have never heard before.   At the beginning of the chapter he warns the reader to stay away from the wealthy who take pride in their wealth and find their identity only in their wealth.  There is a warning in vs.10 about encroaching on the fields of orphans and that if you dare do that then their redeemer will come to their aid and you will not be able to stand up against him.  Throughout these chapters you have these random warnings about alcohol, and prostitutes, and pride, but then you have this wonderful verse which reminds us of what Jesus' primary message about the kingdom of God was all about.  It was about making sure that everyone knows that they are welcome to the banquet table.  I like that.
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