October 14, 2018: Day 64 – Proverbs 22

It is almost as if this chapter contains two distinct parts.  The first part goes from vs.1-16, and then the second part goes from 17-29.  In the first section I want to focus on vs.9 which states that those who are generous are blessed, because they share their bread with the poor.  The blessing that comes with identifying yourself as a child of God, and then being able to identify all other people the same way, regardless of the means that we have accessible to us, is a blessing ultimately to us.  Our ability to help others ultimately is an incredible blessing to us.  We should never feel entitled because we have the resources.  We should never feel as if people should be coming to us on our terms because we have the means.  No, instead, God has placed us in that situation as someone who has an opportunity to be blessed because they have a task to do which is God inspired.  We are the ones who are blessed when we bless others with material goods.  
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