October 11, 2019: Day 27 – I Samuel 27

This is a different side of David from what we have seen before.  This is the warrior that looks to ensure that his kingdom is solidified and that those who serve him are well treated and given what they need.  It is also the soldier who doesn't hesitate, as the Scripture states, to "strike the land, leaving neither man nor woman alive."   David didn't trust Saul any longer so decides to take up his habitation with the sworn enemies of the Israelites, the Philistines.  Remember Goliath, you know the one that David killed, well he was a Philistine.   What is that saying, politics makes stranger bedfellows.  This is a perfect example of that.  David residing with the Philistines, living in their land and getting the blessing of their king is where we find ourselves.   The king of the Philistines in fact thinks to himself that because David has done this: "he has made himself utterly abhorrent to the his people of Israel."  He thinks that they will never welcome David back.  Well, that doesn't really work out in his favor as we will see later on.
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