October 10, 2017: Day 51 – I John 4

Okay, so it isn't Chris Tomlin, but it is probably a camp song that we all grew up singing and it is from the Scripture that is found on Day 51 of the 90 Day Challenge.  I haven't taken the time to thank you for faithfully following your Scripture and reading along on the challenge.  It is a blessing to me to be able to be in the Word daily and know that when I reflect on it there are others that are doing the same.  Praise God for that. So, besides a classic camp song, this Scripture has spawned a real challenge to all of us to love one another because we know that the source of this love is God.  One of the most telling lines of this Scripture is where we hear in vs. 10 that the real sign of love is not that we love, but rather that God has loved us.  Us loving God is easy.  He is perfect, he created us, he redeemed us, he has done everything and then some for us.  God loving us...well, not so easy.  Even while we were yet sinners...he still loves us. Then there is vs.18 one of the most quoted Scriptures that I use these days.  Have you noticed how our country has changed since 9-11?  We have become a country of fear.  We make decisions based on fear.  Our presidents make decisions based on fear.  We make policies based on fear.  If we were able to truly love then we would not fear.  I know, you say that the Bible was not written to address politics.  I tell you that it absolutely was.  Jesus stood up to the most powerful nation in the world.  Yeah, you tell me, but he was crucified.  But in that crucifixion he conquered death and gave us not only eternal life, but a way to live here on this earth. We have to not allow fear dictate our lives.  If perfect love casts out all fear, and I believe it does, then we have to cast it out and live our lives based upon the promises and the hope that Jesus instills within us.  I think we have a long way to go to reach that goal.
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  1. Kathy Barge says:

    It is your congregation who should thank you for the challenges. You deliver your knowledge of the scripture to us in a way it relates to our lives in the world today. Knowledge is power especially in relating to fear in our world today.

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