November 9, 2018: Day 90 – Lamentations 5

As slaves in captivity the Israelites are crying out to the Lord to be remembered.  The author laments in vs.7 that it was the fault of their ancestors and yet they are the ones paying the price.  In order to get food they have to make pacts with their enemies.  The entire chapter points to a request from the people of Israel to be remembered in all that they are going through.   Vs. 19 gives us a bit of a pause and a recognition by the author that even in the midst of this tragic time in the history of the nation: "You, O Lord, reign forever, your throne endures to all generations." This is a good place to declare that we are now finished with this 90 Day Challenge.  It is hard to believe that we have made our way all the way through these days.  Our next 90 Day Challenge will start in Advent on December 2.  I can't wait to begin that one as we start Advent with Isaiah.  We will make our way through the Bible yet!
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