November 3, 2018: Day 84 – Ecclesiastes 11

We cover a lot of ground in this chapter, yet I don't feel like we make any progress.  The first few verses contain wisdom that farmers have known for years.  We hear that clouds contain rain, don't let your hands be idle in the evening because your crops may fail, and don't put all your eggs in one basket.  This is great advice, but it comes kind of in a random, non linear way.  The rest of the chapter is kind of the same. We find whom we think is the old King Solomon telling youth to enjoy their young age because it will not last forever.  But also recognize that in whatever way you misstep, and however you do not fulfill God's desires, at some time and in some day that will come into judgment.  In your young days you think you are invincible and that nothing can stop your momentum.  Solomon says that it will all catch up to you.  On that note we will  move on to the next chapter.
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