November 20, 2019: Day 67 – Hosea 12

It looks like the offending parties in these few chapters are Egypt and Assyria who end up taking the people into captivity.  Egypt was more of a historical remembrance of being in captivity since it was Babylon and Assyria who took the people into captivity in the more recent modern era.  When I say more recent I mean in the 700's and the 500's BC.  Egypt was much earlier than that.

Really the only thing that is left of the Lord to do is to say - Remember when?  And there you have the origin of Israel as Jacob wrestled with God and so was given that name.  But those memories are wearing thin and the current situation is one where they are proud of who they are thinking that they got to where they are on their own.  

Again, hearkening back to the patriarch who was the father of Joseph who allowed the people of Israel, at least the 12 brothers, to be reunited in Egypt and live there peaceably.  But now Ephraim, remember to be understood as Israel, has to repay for the evil that it has committed in turning its back to the Lord.  That is going to happen.  

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