November 19, 2019: Day 66 – Hosea 11

While we read about the unfaithfulness of Israel, we begin to see something turn around with a promise that the Lion will roar and when that happens, then his cubs will come back to him from wherever it may have been that they strayed...Egypt, Syria, wherever.

I love the image of God as a mighty lion, partially because I am sympathetic to the Narnia series put together by C.S. Lewis which has a wonderful portrayal of our God who sacrificed it all for His people.  God is Aslan who is a lion in the Narnia series.  

The beginning of this chapter also has a picture of God remembering how much He loved his child when they were young.  He taught them how to walk, he held them, he even healed their wounds, but they were oblivious to it all even as he was healing and making them better.  They were distracted and looked away from him, even while he was healing them. 

The blood that had to be shed was  the blood of Jesus, in this clip, the blood of Aslan.

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