November 17, 2020: Day 87 – Ezekiel 35

Mt. Seir is actually a mountain in Edom, one of the countries against which Ezekiel had prophesied because it had gone against Babylon and had encouraged Israel to try and fight against Babylon, when Jeremiah told Israel to allow them to come and take over the land because they were being punished by God for their unfaithfulness to him.  So this is another oracle against Edom and really against anyone who tries to put themselves in a position where they feel empowered to say: "we will take possession of them."  

Edom had looked to take advantage of the situation and had invaded both Israel and Judah "while the Lord was still there." vs.10.  So God as a result: "As the whole earth rejoices, I will make you desolate."  Not a good position to be in.  As the earth is rejoicing its freedom we find ourselves on the wrong side of history.  I have often felt like I was on the wrong side of history with the trends in culture, but never in light of where God might be leading us.  If I felt like I were on the wrong side of history in regards to God, I would switch sides and try to get on the right side.  Sometimes, though, especially on individual issues, it is hard to know where God stands...

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