November 16, 2019: Day 63 – Hosea 8

Once again we read about the infidelity of the people of God.  We see a flashback to the time when the people of Israel, fresh from being set free from slavery in Egypt, how they turned on Moses and made a golden calf which they worshiped.  So here, again, Hosea speaks out against these idols which are finding their place in the ordinary life of Israelites.

What makes the people of God unique is that while all around them other nations worship other gods and serve other idols, Israel is supposed to be the only one who worships the one true God.  But this uniqueness has been lost, according to Hosea, and the people of God have become like any other nation with any other king.  This causes God to be furious.  We are never to become like those around us, allowing the culture and the norms of the day to dictate who we are and for what we should stand.  Once we exchange the Word of God with the word of culture, then our plodding down the wrong trail will go unchallenged.

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