November 10, 2017: Day 81 – Esther 5

The plot thickens but we don't know how it is going to end yet in this chapter.  But it does seem like one layer upon another is added.  I spoke with someone from church who after the first chapter of Esther had a hard time filling in the blank in the booklet: Who is God to me?  This is the only book in the Bible where the name of God actually is not mentioned.  So that is understandable.   So, I just took a break because the neighborhood kids came to church and I just spent some time talking to them about their future etc.  I never mentioned the name of God and they never mentioned it to me.  But one day, maybe 10 years from now, if one of them is facing a rough time, or wants to get married, or wants to bring his family to church maybe, just maybe he will say: I remember that church, First Presbyterian, they  were nice to me.  They let me come in and have a snack when it was 36 degrees outside.  Maybe I'll go there. When that happens, then God will be revealed to them in a powerful and compelling way.  Esther doesn't have to mention God, but you know what drove Esther and Mordecai.  This book of the Bible may not contain ways in which to bring people to a saving knowledge of Christ, but it does remind us that God is in charge of this and every situation.  May God bless us as we look to reach out to those around us with His love, even if we don't use His name.
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