May 3, 2019: Day 6 – Deuteronomy 6

This might be one of the most recited Old Testament passages.  It is called the Shema which means in Hebrew: to hear, or to listen.  It is taken from the first words of vs.4 in this chapter which starts: Hear, O Israel.  This command is given by God to the people of Israel that they are to teach these commandments to their children so that they would know the history of who they are in relationship to being the children of God.  The history of the people of Israel is so crucial to being a child of God and to understanding why they were promised this land flowing with milk and honey (vs.3).   What do you know about your family history?  What do you know about the history of your parents and your ancestors that has shaped you and formed you?  I'll never forget being told that my middle name was a prestigious Scottish name, Kelton.  We got to Edinburgh and went to the castle there where there are books with all of the most prestigious names in Scottish history.  Kelton was not there.  The reply from my parents was: Yeah, we aren't really sure where that name came from.  So I have that going for me. But if you look at vs.20 and you see that so much of this chapter is geared to teaching your children well, it ought to remind us of the importance of ensuring that the faith that we have is passed on to the generations to come.  This is a song that might go along with this thought.
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