May 20, 2019: Day 23 – Deuteronomy 23

It might be helpful to read Acts 8:26ff where we see an Ethiopian Eunuch who is converted by Philip on the road from Jerusalem to Gaza.  Keep in mind that the laws which this eunuch would have had to follow would have been these laws in chapter 23 of Deuteronomy.  As a result of his physical condition he would not be allowed to enter into the assembly of the Lord.   This was not just a geographic ban, but it was a ban on fellowship, it was a ban on family life, it was a ban on being an active participant in society.  In Jesus this was torn down and Philip brought this good news to the eunuch. We enter this chapter with an understanding that it is rated - R.  I find it interesting that vs.2 states that no one born of an illicit union was admitted into the assembly and yet Jesus has a prostitute in his descendancy, (Rahab), and a foreigner (Ruth).  Our Savior's lineage is one which makes it obvious that our New Testament understanding, the new covenant that has been established by God through Jesus is completely inclusive, completely.    
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