May 20, 2017: Day 140 – Psalm 140

It is hard to believe that we are on the home stretch to finishing up these psalms.  We will be done before June begins.  Psalm 140 is another psalm where we find David pleading to the Lord to deliver him and to save him from his enemies.  He appeals again to the fact that David is part of that group of people that God has set apart as His people, and so it really is God’s responsibility to care of His people.  This in turn means that it is really God’s responsibility to take care of David as he faces his enemies.

The psalm ends again with the final two verses lifting up the cause of the poor and the needy.  We have to keep asking ourselves the question of who exactly does David mean, and who exactly does God use these verses to support and uplift?  I’m guessing David probably meant himself when he spoke about the poor and the needy, especially in light of a psalm beseeching God to save him in the midst of his enemies.  But when we take Jesus’ words where he speaks about the poor and the needy there is a common thread if we really mean the poor and the needy.  Jesus is continually lifting up the poor and the needy as God’s favorite, the least become the first.  

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  1. Kathy Eisenhauer says:

    We all have times in our lives where our situations change. Those times of trials might possibly become the time when we are the “needy” and or “extremely challenged” when it comes to finances. However, are we in the “poor and needy” category that Jesus spoke about? What about when we just need some compassion to get through the day? Then of course there are times when we are in need of God’s protection from satan either physically or mentally. Regardless of our needs, we should always continue to give to those who are worse off then we are and many times, as God designed u, it helps to lift us up when we help others.

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