May 2, 2016: Day 122 – Psalm 122

Did you know that there is a hidden meaning when people say: “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.”  I had someone come to me early in my time here and say that and I responded that of course I would pray for the peace of Jerusalem, just as I would pray for the peace of Palestine.  She was not happy with that.  You see, the assumption is that we think that the only way that there can be peace in Jerusalem is if it is a peace governed by a people of Scripture.  That is not my understanding.

The peace of Jerusalem can only happen when the Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and Armenian sections of the city agree to live together in peace.  It cannot happen if only one of those factions, or even if two of them, agree together to impose their will upon the others.  That is not peace, that is heavy-handedness.  

Psalm 122 is a prayer of David, who was the king who made Jerusalem, Jerusalem, who wanted there to peace in his home.  Jerusalem was his home.  

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  1. Kathy Eisenhauer says:

    I would like to pray for peace in the USA. We are a Christian nation, yet we have so much unrest between us. Maybe it is difficult because we are so large and so diverse, but if a nation populated by a such a large number of Christians such as ours can show peace, then hopefully we will be that light for other nations to have hope.

  2. Sally Reinhart says:


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