May 18, 2018: Day 34 – Exodus 34



This is the depiction of Moses in St. Peters which refers directly to this Scripture in Exodus in chapter 34.  In the Hebrew the word which describes this radiant light which is emanating from Moses’ face can also be translated as “grew horns”.  In fact, in the Vulgate it was translated as such, that would be the Latin.  So throughout art history you see Moses with the tablets and two prominent horns protruding from his head.  I’m pretty sure the author of Exodus meant “radiated light”.  Isn’t it interesting how interpretations of Scripture tend to shift and change as we learn more and more about the languages and settings in which they were written.

But we do see God giving the people of Israel a second chance.  We see God self-described as merciful and slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.  That is the God that I know and love, that is the God to whom I have given my life.  It is interesting how God wants his people to be completely separate from the culture around them.  What a difference from today, where we want culture to be like us and where we are more than happy to be like culture as long as culture is willing somewhat to shift in our direction.  I’m wondering if God wouldn’t be more pleased if we were more separate and different than what we currently are.

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