May 17, 2018: Day 33 – Exodus 33

This is an incredibly anthropomorphized passage.  Okay,  now that you have looked that up you will notice that God has taken on the form of a human, at least in the way that He is talking to Moses and as he is describing how he is going to walk beside Moses and cover Moses with his hand.  Who knew that God had a hand to cover or legs upon which to walk?  We find something similar in Genesis when we see that the Lord walked in the garden with Adam and Eve.  I like the image of God taking on the form of something that is familiar to me and something that I can envision.  But it is not about us being able to understand God, it is about God being able to offer His life in His son Jesus Christ.  It is an amazing Scripture.

Moses tries to understand what is going to happen next.  In vs.17 you get the sense that Moses has talked God into doing something that God wasn’t really planning on doing.  “I will do the very thing that you have asked.”  Moses requested to see God’s glory and requested that the people he was leading would be able to see that Moses had God’s glory upon him.  And he does.  This sets the stage for the people of Israel to get one final confirmation that God is on their side, but not even that is enough to keep them faithful.  We are so much like them…

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